Recharge Time

I’m housesitting for a friend this week, and it is glorious. I have yet to live alone, ever. I think I would be really good at it, and I cannot wait. Instead, I went from living with my parents to live-in nannying every summer and living in dorms during the school year. Now I am live-in nannying all school year. Next year, I hope to live alone, but we’ll see.

Back to the point. Having no demands made on me and no distractions has been absolutely fabulous. Of course, I still am procrastinating doing work by dicking around on the computer, but there are no small children screaming, and no one has asked me to cook or clean.


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I’m still alive

Just wicked busy.

Funny Student Interaction of the Day:

I am grading history comparison charts of my second graders. One of them wrote that the Revolutionary war was about freedom from taxis. Bet you didn’t know that

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Funny Student Interaction of the Day

Me: Is 10 + 5 greater than or less than 9 + 5?
Student: Yes?

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ADD and Feelings of Inferiority

I had a horrific interaction with my internship supervisor on Thursday. Like seriously horrific. Because this is a public blog and internet sleuthing could probably result in my identity, I won’t post specifics. Suffice it to say it was truly traumatizing, and mostly not my fault. The person in question acted unprofessionally and inappropriately. This person even said at the beginning that my lessons went well, and that I have a great rapport with my students.

Even though I already have a meeting scheduled with the head of the program to mediate, I still am fighting some pretty significant depression over it.

It got me thinking. I take negative comments pretty hard, and I dwell on them. I’ve read that focusing on bad stuff is an ADD trait, but I sometimes struggle in how much of my feelings of inferiority and failure are my ADD and how much of these feelings are just my personality.

And, of course, since I am depressed and feeling sorry for myself, I descend into this spiral. What if it’s not really the ADD at all? What if I just suck at life? What if I am taking the easy way out by blaming all these things on a cognitive disorder?

Do y’all ever feel this way? What do you do?

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My boss just introduced me to someone as the “organized one” I am not sure if this shows that I am an amazing actor or that he is just that disorganized.

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Still Alive

I’ve been wicked busy, and then, today, ended up staying home from school because I caught something nasty from the germ-vectors… I mean, students.

I will post very soon about some of the unique challenges of student teaching with ADD, because let me tell you, they exist

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I have a really hard time dealing with being frustrated with myself. I had, all weekend long, planned today as the day to sit down and do work. Last night, however, a family friend suggested we go swimming and horsebackriding today. Now, I really needed the exercise, and it felt really good, but it ate up practically the entire day. By the time I got home and napped and ate dinner and was able to start on my To Do List, it was 8pm.

I’ve finished almost everything, if not quite to my satisfaction, at least good enough to call it done, but I am still irritated with myself. I need to start saying no to things, even things that are good for me, if I am going to manage my workload.

Sorry for the downer, I’ll try to be funnier tomorrow

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